The Barbell Effect

The Barbell Effect

Introducing Luxlock

If you follow our Luxlock Founder and CEO, Casey Golden on Linkedin you've likely noticed an uptick in conversations around retail supply chain management.  This lead to an interview with Joe Oliaro, Managing Director, Global Corporate Services. They specialize in corporate real estate advisory for logistics and eCommerce firms.

Earlier this year, he made some predictions in Innovate or Die: 5 Omni-channel Strategies Amazon is Trying to Outrun.  As a part of those predictions, he talked a little bit about the “barbell effect” and how there would be a dichotomy between luxury/high-end, customized, boutique firms that offered a unique customer experience for a premium and hyper-local/convenience based omni-channel models competing on price.

We had a great conversation about the other side of retail... read more here-

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