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Crypto Feels Turn Up NYFW

Catching Crypto Feels during New York Fashion Week

MetaBurnett and Creativo turn up the crypto feels during NYFW with an immersive multi-brand fashion experience at the intersection of crypto and commerce. ​​Creativo blends the world of art, science, technology, crypto, and finance to create explosive events that merge specialty ecosystems into impactful communities.

Electric Feel will take place on September 12, 2022 at 8PM at The DL, a chandelier-lit rooftop lounge with skyline views. The event will include a live model presentation showcasing Spring 2023 collections paired with their digital twins available for immediate purchase and virtual try-on using cutting-edge augmented reality experiences. 

Emily Burnett is the catalyst of these New York City phygital commerce experiences to reimagine the role of a fashion designer that led her to reinvent her purpose with the launch of MetaBurnett. She’s taking a technology-first stance on commerce and connecting with consumers through various web3 applications, like metaverse wearable twin NFTs. As one of the first Creative Directors leading global luxury brands, she is forging a new path for designers across the globe and evangelizing ambitious women to harness the power of the next era of the internet. 

Luxlock Presents Crypto Commerce Shopping Experiences

This unapologetically innovative lineup presents MetaBurnett, Citizen-T, Maakola, Senreve, and Avel Lenttan, all harnessing the power of web3 experiences with limited edition NFT drops and unlockable e-commerce shopping experiences powered by Luxlock. In collaboration with STRUT Models the only 100% Caribbean, female and black owned modeling agency in New York City focused on inclusivity, diversity and individuality.  Flexing phygital products for customers to explore spaces where physical meets digital through tokenized experiences. Alongside them, guests will preview the first NFT Collection to combine art, music, and play with split-minting rewards with The Modernist. A collection consisting of 9724 Genesis NFTs based on 442 hand illustrated and interchangeable character art.

Showcased by way of MetaSill NFT Frames, high-end displays that are connected to your crypto wallet to experience NFTs at home or galleries, “New markets are already shaping rapidly and we will see a lot more change through multi-layered experiences.” says Leo Lin, the CEO of MetaSill. With shared missions for a more sustainable future, Stephanie Dillion of Citizen-T, the zero-waste, zero-manufacturing slow fashion art fusion fashion brand is championed by artists and donned by ethical citizens hell-bent on changing the world. 

Throughout history, art movements have influenced fashion and today technology is the leading influence of the future of commerce. Artists, designers, and technologists alike are embracing non-fungible tokens as a modern medium to future-proofing fashion, says Casey Golden, Founder of Luxlock They have introduced transformative utility applications for luxury brands to collaborate and operationalize a web3 enabled business to drive adoption of non-crypto-native consumers. 

Things become easier, more exclusive, accessible, and most importantly interactive. NFTs that solve real world problems will shape the future of culture and commerce. - Kelly Max - Founder Modernist 

"When we think about the impact that fashion can make on the world, we recognize its powerful role in breaking barriers, creating unity, and being a positive platform for change." said Emily Burnett, CEO of MetaBurnett.

Maakola is exploring what are the possibilities to use Web3 technologies as a utility tool to change the way fashion is made, consumed and experienced. In partnership with Futureclo, Italy’s leading digital fashion house, thirty percent of revenues generated by the sales of Maakola NFTs will be used to fund our programs in Ghana to help tailors transition to solar energy and provide additional upskilling opportunities for women.The fashion industry has grown through extracting environmental and social capital, we want to change that by integrating SDG’s to be a force for good. This event will be an occasion to make a first step in that direction, says Aurora Chiste, Founder of Maakola. Taken from the French words for “sense“ and “dream“, Senreve was co-founded by tech-exec-turned entrepreneur Coral Chung. Where craftsmanship and innovation are coexisting dichotomies of everyday and fantasy; combining this masterful craftsmanship with design and innovation sets Senvere apart as the future of luxury. 

Women are leading the charge of crypto commerce and joining as women of web3 creating the next generation of the internet. The Italian allure of fine jewelry by Avel Lenttan is introducing an advanced micro-tag into the precious metal that allows unique information about the production, provenance and ownership, while at the same time offering the possibility of adding a personal message with each jewelry purchase or gift. This new and technologically advanced adaptation allows for the traceability of the jewelry, offers greater security and also gives the opportunity to personalize the purchase and create lasting memories.It takes more than a village. 

Sponsored by future-obsessed experiential companies coming together to turn dreams into reality. Devoted to talend and technology, Samsung is creating superior products. Making it easy to invest in private funds, The Velvet Group offers a premium marketplace to invest in Crypto Funds. To further cement our vision of bringing our community of investors together in impactful and unforgettable experiences. Velvet's founder Alex and the team believe strongly in the fact that eye contact is meaningful and togetherness accelerates the rate of change. While Heera Digital helps creators and collectors protect their NFTs and digital assets. Trust and safety is a critical factor in improving the adoption of NFTs and digital assets. Our view is that we need a system to continuously monitor, alert and secure your NFTs and digital assets from scams, counterfeits and loss. From business models to professional models, celebrity hair and makeup stylist, Romana remains passionate about translating the core values of creating beauty from the inside out and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual, in this world and the next.

Join the RSVP waitlist and our Discord community for drip, drinks, and exclusive NFT drops! Get a sneak peek from the designers by following @metaburnett @citizen-t @senreve @avellenttan, @maakola on instagram or catch all @luxlock.

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