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Increase Conversions, LTV, & AUR

Conversational commerce at it's best. Our integrated retail solutions augment the best talent on earth. Passionately skilled people instantly elevate your brand experience and cultivate brand culture online.

Luxlock's humanistic approach to commerce provides authentic connection, seeking to genuinely serve customers. We don't follow purely commercial logic alone, because the luxury industry is derived from emotion and a sense of belonging.

Personal shopping departments have outperformed every division of commerce for 200 years. Useability and scalability were always a challenge until now. Catapult bottom-line performance with Luxlock.

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D2C Digital-First Infrastructure

Enterprise Direct to Consumer (D2C) retail API-infrastructure designed to propel premium brands into a digital-first consumer-centric operating model. Our consumer B2B ecosystem architecture allows brands to move the needle with current customers and handle rapidly changing customer expectations.

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Consumer SSO Business Applications

Concentrated on consumer relationship and service management we impart individuality to curate experiences for each unique consumer and respond appropriately. Our collective intelligence generates contextualized data for hypersegmented personalized lifestyle experiences. Our consumer SSO encompasses multi-level user permissions and data privacy protocols that exceed global Pii and GDPR compliance requirements.

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Dual Acquisition Strategy

Commerce Curators digitize their physical books to drive intentional bottom-funnel traffic to your site by way of established relationships. Optimize CAC by driving top of funnel traffic into our live selling environment for higher conversion. Throttle engagement velocity of qualified customers by tapping into our network effects ecosystem.


Layer Conversion Funnels

Sell and retain more customers by layering relationship based engagement strategy to create a circular selling and retention lifecycle. More than chat, our experience platform is built to sell product, scale reach, and drive performance of sales professionals.

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Drive Selling Performance and Profitability

Our business intelligence provides integrated retail analytics and a visual reporting suite which provides immediate access to critical product and consumer insights. Business Managers, Marketing Directors, and Merchandise Planners have valuable insights into each category of the business on the consumer-level.

Measure product performance against consumer demographics and preferences to better understand customer likes and wardrobe needs for seasonal forecasts based on consumer data vs. wholesale sell-thru. Drill-down and roll-up on a native 4-5-4 calendar.

Avg. Order Value

Live personal shopping experiences increase cart value and loyalty.

Return Reduction

Provide support through the selection and decision making process.

Conversion Rate

Guided shopping experiences convert higher than self-serve .

Cart Quantity (UPT)

Grouped and outfitted recommendations increase consumer value.

Lifetime Value

Relationships improve customer frequency and build authentic loyalty.

Intuition is key

Until Luxlock, I've been skype and flight because software couldn't support my business.

Wayne Scot Lukas, Celebrity Stylist

It’s the best platform I’ve used to shop with clients digitally, everything else has been trash.

Blake, Professional Stylist

Luxlock is the clienteling solution we have been waiting for! Designed for merchants, so impressed.

Cynthia Hollen, Retail Exec
Most Relevant

It’s the most relevant retail software on the market and actually putting people back to work.

Hendrik Laubscher- Retail

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