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Elevating the way people experience the world through the brands they shop with.

We take pride in our partners and shared customers. We focus on strong alliances with proven success to help exceed our customers’ specific needs. Discover the power of our Unified Experience Management Solutions for yourself, let's connect!

Our Partners
Connected Commerce
Connect to the premier customer experience platform enriching the shopper journey.

Join our collaborative ecosystem working for a more circular economy that drives retail innovation and sustained success. Let's build the future faster, together!

System Integrators

We promote partners who are committed to deliver the highest technical solution and client service that lead with Luxlock technologies. Our partners are valued resources who are best positioned to leverage our solutions with a reduction in project risk and deliver across a broad geography.

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Retail Consultants

A referral is the greatest compliment and to support our nts experience and technology initiatives. Working alongside leading retail consultants has proven to be symbiotic with digital transformation success. We value your expertise and the nurtured relationships you extend. O success is a direct reflection of


Personal Referrers

We are family, and family takes care of eachother. Spread the word and you'll be rewarded for new accounts you initiate. It just takes an introduction to monetize your rolodex. Your support is appreciated.

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LuxConnector API

Our infrastructure has been designed to speed digital transformation initiatives and help luxury brands connect to core and cutting-edge technology providers. Our LuxConnector partners gain exposure to our clients; designed for retailers to easily adopt new technology.

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We're selling laundry, not saving the world- or are we?

We care deeply about supporting real issues around the world and believe that when we collectively donate resources, we are prioritise the needs of others. We'll continue to partner with an array of organizations who are making the greatest immediate impact to make change today.

Intuition is key

Until Luxlock, I've been skype and flight because software couldn't support my business.

Wayne Scot Lukas, Celebrity Stylist

It’s the best platform I’ve used to shop with clients digitally, everything else has been trash.

Blake, Professional Stylist

Luxlock is the clienteling solution we have been waiting for! Designed for merchants, so impressed.

Cynthia Hollen, Retail Exec
Most Relevant

It’s the most relevant retail software on the market and actually putting people back to work.

Hendrik Laubscher- Retail
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