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An Omni-Retail Customer Experience Management Platform (CDXM) that merges digital and physical worlds. Create legendary #IRL shopping experiences and link brand extensions to unlock experiential marketing.

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Magnetize the moments that matter to unlock immediate value.

Personal shopping experiences that turn consumer touch-points into points of sale. Powering legendary brands dedicated to humanizing commerce.
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Luxury Sales Enablement

Luxlock enables consumer brands to digitize a global omni retail business and scale a distributed sales force. Grow your profitability in real-time.
Our purpose
Built on the premise that all relationships are continuous conversations of mutual service filled with emotion. Our software is specifically built to support and scale a high-touch sales methodology and operationalize experience marketing to enrich the overall brand experience and equity.
How it works
The first real-time omni-clienteling software features groundbreaking live-selling messenger. Now luxury brands can provide on-demand personal shopping services online and connect stores. Uniquely empowers your sales associates or leverage our professional curators.

Preference Recognition Technology

Instantly recognize and recall customer preferences across multiple locations to ensure every shopper can receive a hyper-personalized experience.
We sync shopper preferences and contextualize experiential impact data to deliver digital-first shopping services. Our physical data layer unifies non-proprietary shopper information like size, style and product preferences to ensure greater ecosystem success.
Salespeople are able to digitize their established client base while also developing new customer relationships without risking client trust. Decrease delayed responses and exchange manual processes for more productive selling time.

Designing Time
Well Spent

"Experiences are as distinct from services as services are from goods.  Brands must deliver personal, memorable experiences by enticing customers to value the time they spend with you."
— Joe Pine
Data Services
Traditional systems weren’t built for shopping and can’t keep up with the quadrillion bytes of unstructured data being generated daily. Process the right information at the right time to provide concierge services at scale.
DATA Threading
Consumers expect a brand experience that understands their history, established relationships, taste, and deliver an infinitely interactive path to purchase. The best concierge anticipates the unknown desires that delight.

Universal Digital Closets

Luxlock auto-populates consumer closets by merging siloed databases to create a universal shopper profile. No one ever starts from scratch.
Our customers span across all merchandise categories in the premium and luxury space. Our own closets prove it. Skip the guesswork by expanding on what shoppers already own. Mix and match new products with items they already love. Drive Lifetime Value (LTV) by harnessing the power of sustainable relevancy.
It's no secret that we shop across multiple brands; wearing nearly 20 a day. But shopping across brands for a cohesive look or to find the right product is anything but a luxury experience. Now, shoppers can bring their closets with them to get live styling, wardrobing, and complementary product recommendations.
Experience Marketing

Buy and stage customer gifts, not ad campaigns.

Luxury brands are known for spoiling their top shoppers with incredible lifestyle experiences and showering them with gifts. Now everyone can shop like the 1% and get spoiled by the brands they love.
Portfolio Companies
Luxlock straddles the luxury lifestyle to connect a global portfolio of brands and brand extensions. The only connected commerce and experiential marketing management platform designed for the luxury industry. Manage, stage, sell, collaborate, and measure your business across a portfolio of assets.
First of its kind experience marketing marketplace. Leverage our experience marketplace to access exclusive gifts, IRL experiences, collaborative partnerships, and once in a lifetime moments to spoil your shoppers. Stage shopper journeys across URLs and IRL for high-impact retention strategies.  

Got Crypto Clout?

Luxlock or not | Launch NFT's like a luxury brand built on Bitcoin. Exclusive launch packages bring experiential and utility NFT concepts to market. Full-service launch packages for physidigital experiences, metaverse moments, VIP access, product authentication, and ownership.

Experience Platform
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What we do
Bring Experiences to Life

Don't be afraid to give up the good for the great. Luxlock's high-touch shopping service technology transforms static e-commerce stores into a dynamic consumer-centric destinations.

Live Clienteling

Fully-integrated clienteling software provides live shopping services on your ecommerce store.

Grouped Product Messaging

Our proprietary outfitting technology is the only messaging software designed to increase sales.

Maintain Continuity

Never start from scratch, every engagement touch-point leads to the next. Maintain a continuous conversation with customers across all locations.

Commission Tracking

Our messenger tracks net-assisted commissions in real-time for omni-payroll and 1099 payment management.

Add to cart

Our seamless mobile experience reduces friction for the sales and relationship development process.

Private Sales Channels

We understand the struggle of selling online as a luxury brand. Enable pre-orders, sell exclusive items, and open a private discount channel.

Did you know?

83% of shoppers said they consistently needed some type of support during online shopping.

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