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Luxury Customer Lifecycle Experience Management

Our Experience Manager enables brands to connect lifestyle extensions to manage curated customer journeys across brand portfolio assets and access thousands of experiences to spoil their customers throughout the year. Hyper-segment your customers based on lifestyle preferences and buy a years worth of experiences that drive customer retention through high-impact brand engagement.

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Experiences are as distinct from services as services are from goods.
-Joe Pine

The luxury industry represents a lifestyle that spans across fashion, hospitality, entertainment, and travel. Luxlock enables brands to create, stage, and manage the customer journey across fashion and hospitality portfolio assets.
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Connect Brand Extensions

Connect lifestyle portfolio assets.

Connect and digitize a global portfolio of lifestyle assets to operationalize seamless customer experience and retention strategies.
Portfolio Manager
Stretching brand equity beyond fashion to tap a growing luxury hospitality industry. Luxlock creates beautifully integrated lifestyle ecosystems by overcoming the technological challenges managing a portfolio at the customer level. Connect a lifestyle portfolio to create unique client engagement strategies and lasting brand experiences. There’s no better way to extend the relationship with your consumer than to surround them by your essence. A feast for the senses as more customers crave experiences beyond physical products.
How it works
Create, plan, and stage customer experiences with real-time commerce functionality. Recognize and recall customer preferences to scale individually curated brand experiences.

Our clienteling software straddles a portfolio of brands and hospitality locations to create dynamic customer journeys from a single dashboard. Our experience manager leverages brand assets to operationalize experience marketing initiatives to drive retention.
Experience Marketing Marketplace

Synthesizing loyalty, gifts, and collaborations.

Engage customers effectively by managing experiential loyalty budgets with our alternative marketing tools and access exclusive experiential channels.
gifts of reciprocity
Celebrating loyalty has a long tradition by treating top customers to a variety of experiences. Luxlock suggests the most meaningful and exciting ways to engage with your customers.

Send your customer's personalized gifts to celebrate numerous occasions throughout the year; like birthday's, holiday, access to exclusive events, pampering experiences, and lovely forget-me-nots.
Ecosystem Collabs
Transcending traditional brand boundaries where mutual interests and ideology to delight a shared customer base and market.

Create unique customer engagement rituals and cross-sectoral brand collaborations with authorized products, events, and experiences.

Du ut des, focused on offering a generosity of spirit. Savour the brand and come back for more.
Luxury NFT Partner Luxlock

Authentic brand NFT collabs & community.

Allows collectors access to limited edition NFT's and exclusive experiences through authentic brand collections and collabs.
NFT Collaboration
Get off the sidelines and slide into Web3 with active co-branded collaborations. Experience and experiment with immediate access to create and sell NFT's with the Luxlock Web3 partner gateway.

Immediate value for brands that are interested in starting their NFT journey and connecting with a new audience.
Partner Program
Our full-service partner program provides brands a turnkey solution from concept to commerce. Priority access to creative, product development, go-to-market services, community development, and sales management.

Exclusive access to sell alongside top labels with Luxlock's multi-brand marketplace experience.

Web3 gateway sales channel.

Integrated digital asset X3 sales channel designed for luxury brands to lead in a world that values scarcity, authenticity, rare products, and experiences.
Metaverse Program
Operationalize your Web3 initiatives for regular drops with emerging integrated commerce and accessibility features.

Release 3D garment collections for avatar clothing, AR wearables, generate digital twins, and provide certificates of authentication or gateway shipping from Web3 to doorstep.

The opportunities to enable Web3 are endless; utility strategy is our the key element.
Web3 Innovation
Cultivating a community to bring consumers and luxury brands together through the ideation and conversion of intellectual property into new revenue streams.

We're committed to cultivating authorized only digital products and experiences to ensure a unique brand culture is cultivated across the ecosystem to elevate sales, acquisition, engagement, and experience standards for the end-consumer.
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Drips and Drops
Ori Carino X Luxlock
Artist X Collaboration
Ori Carino

Born in a loft on Houston Street in the 80s, classically trained and raised by 2 New York artists, became a graffiti writer at age 12. Muralist, Painter, Sculpture, Scav Artist, 3D Graphic Designer, 3D Animation, with cutting edge 3D Apparel Creator Labs.

Luxlock NFT Collection Baroque Peacocks
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Baroque Peacocks

YOLO EXPERIENCE NFT'S unlock exclusive once in a lifetime brand experiences. The ultimate whale pass unlocks VIP access across Luxlock X3 enabled brands.

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OneWorld Commerce

The luxury industry is an experience business!

Luxlock's OneWorld Commerce infrastructure merges digital and physical retail sales channels so luxury brands can manage the entire d2c business from one integrated platform.

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