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We are engineers, product junkies, philanthropists, surfers, data hounds, artists, relationship builders, fashionistas, and musicians reimagining experiential commerce. Everyone is a dynamic and multi-dimensional creature, always gravitating towards pleasure. Together, we’re creating a culture that celebrates individuality, intellectual curiosity, and crazy big ideas. Unconventional often leads to unimaginable. We believe cultivating passion unlocks greater purpose and our collective potential.


Elevate the way people experience the world through the brands they shop with.


Our employee experience is just as important as consumer experiences.


The ultimate luxury is time and the only thing you can't return it time. We design time well spent.

Working with luxlock

Benefits of working with us

Luxlock is more than a software company, we're a wildly passionate collection of professionals that believe in multi-disciplinary talent. We can win together as a team and as an industry. Our employees, client's, and consumers believe in a different type of internet and elevating our commerce experiences will lead to a kinder-world and a healthier planet. Join us and you'll build bridges to unite technology, businesses, and consumers. Work with some of the best companies in the world and strategize with the most inspirational leaders of the industry; Fashion, Hospitality, Entertainment, Travel, and talent across the globe.


We believe in order to grow professionally we all need a safe, respectful, and supportive workplace for everyone.

Social Impact

Sometimes in the form of donated goods and volunteerism, and sometimes through creative work and digital design. We also take on strategic pro bono projects, giving teams the ability to use their skills as a force for good.

Insider Discounts

We believe in our clients and they graciously extend generous discounts and lifestyle perks.

Paid Birthdays

In celebration of you, we expect you to spend the day out of the office, our treat.

Continuous Learning

Attend industry talks, conferences, and professional development events that interest you. Knowledge fuels innovation.

Real Vacations

Work from anywhere except on vacation. With our generous PTO you can log off and collect memorable moments.

We must experience the world to build experiences worth remembering.
Current positions

We're in the business of elevating brand, consumer, and employee experiences by humanizing the internet. Expect to engage with the world in unimaginable ways as we grow. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital as we scale and build high-performing teams. Representation fosters innovation and while creating a more equitable world. Searching for unconventional unicorns. Apply!

UI/UX Visual Designer
Full-time New York, open to remote
Portfolio Job Openings

Retail job losses in the last 18-months have been nothing soft of astronomical. The industry is changing faster than companies can adjust, reorg, hire, and transform.. Luxlock is committed to putting retail back to work and enhancing the opportunities in the industry. If we don't have an position that fits your path, browse job openings at our clients.

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