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August 3, 2021

Retailers are expanding online commissions beyond influencers

The landscape of e-commerce is undergoing a profound transformation as retailers pivot towards innovative strategies to engage customers on a more personal level. Among these strategies, Luxlock Digital Clienteling stands out as a beacon of opportunity, emphasizing the cultivation of authentic 1:1 relationships between brands and consumers. In this blog post, we explore the significance of nurturing these genuine connections and the pivotal role skilled professionals play in driving this paradigm shift in online commerce.

In a bold departure from traditional influencer-centric models, retailers like Express are redefining the dynamics of e-commerce through innovative affiliate programs. Express's recent announcement of its Style Editors program epitomizes this shift, inviting ordinary customers to become independent salespeople and earn commissions by promoting products. This groundbreaking initiative democratizes the influencer space, welcoming individuals with diverse follower counts to curate virtual storefronts on the Express website, thereby fostering more intimate connections between sellers and consumers.

Meanwhile, Luxlock, a pioneering software company, is revolutionizing the online shopping experience by integrating skilled professionals into the purchasing process through live chat interactions. In contrast to traditional brand ambassador programs, Luxlock's approach mirrors the personalized service of luxury retail stores, with retail and beauty professionals offering tailored product recommendations during online shopping sessions.

Retailers are expanding online commissions beyond influencers, Modern Retail

By Michael Waters

In a bold move to redefine the dynamics of e-commerce, retailers are stepping into the realm of affiliate programs, breaking away from the traditional model that predominantly involves influencers. Express, for instance, recently announced a program welcoming applications from its fans, referred to as Style Editors, providing them with an opportunity to earn commissions by promoting Express products. This innovative approach aims to transform ordinary customers into independent salespeople by granting them virtual storefronts on the Express website, where they can curate and showcase their favorite products. Interestingly, this program isn't exclusive to influencers, as Brian Seewald, svp of e-commerce at Express, emphasizes the inclusion of individuals with diverse follower counts, ranging from under 1,000 to 10,000.

Simultaneously, new players like Luxlock are introducing avenues for independent stylists and beauty professionals to earn commissions through live chats on retailer websites. This digitized approach mirrors the role of floor workers in luxury retail stores, with independent professionals providing product recommendations during online shopping sessions. Unlike traditional brand ambassador programs targeting larger influencers, these initiatives are betting on creating more intimate connections between customers and sellers in the e-commerce landscape.

Express, in its pilot Style Editors program featuring 12 ambassadors, is set to launch a line of exclusive products called Edition, available only through Style Editors' storefronts. The aim is to enhance the community commerce experience with added exclusivity, coupled with higher commission rates ranging from 10% to 25%, surpassing competitors like Amazon's affiliate program.

This storefront model is just one facet of the evolving landscape where retailers leverage independent salespeople in e-commerce. Luxlock, a software company, takes a different approach by embedding salespeople into the purchasing process through live chat interactions. Retail and beauty professionals guide customers through online shopping, earning commissions based on the sales facilitated through these personalized interactions.

As the digital storefront model undergoes a transformation, Luxlock envisions a future where simultaneous, commission-based shopping could create a new digital talent workforce. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, remote work options become crucial for professionals like aestheticians and hairstylists who may not have built a substantial social presence but can still contribute significantly to e-commerce sales.

In summary, this shift towards independent salespeople, whether brand enthusiasts or professionals, is shaping an emerging economy in e-commerce. Express sees its Style Editors program as a key component in its ambitious goal to achieve $1 billion in e-commerce revenue, highlighting the strategic importance of these innovative approaches in the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

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As the digital storefront model undergoes a seismic shift towards independent salespeople, Luxlock envisions a future where commission-based shopping creates a new digital talent workforce. This transformation holds particular promise for professionals in the beauty industry, offering remote work options that capitalize on their expertise and contribute significantly to e-commerce sales. Express's commitment to its Style Editors program underscores the strategic importance of these innovative approaches in achieving ambitious revenue goals and adapting to the evolving retail landscape. In embracing Luxlock Digital Clienteling and prioritizing authentic 1:1 customer relationships, brands can forge deeper connections with consumers and pave the way for a more personalized, engaging online shopping experience.
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