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Women Creating Commerce Utility in Web3

Women Creating Commerce Utility in Web3 Uniting Sustainability, Real World Fashion and Metaverse Wearables. Artist Stephanie Dillion creates hand-painted artwork in collaboration with Burnett to release 1777 metaverse wearable NFTs in support of women in web3 rising.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE (New York) - In the continued quest for an equitable and sustainable future in fashion, Burnett New York unveils their experiential Resort 2023 collection in collaboration with Citizen-T. Uniting to co-create a circular capsule collection of non-manufactured garments, made by deconstructing existing fast-fashion pieces and recrafting them into high-fashion collectibles. Ownership of these epic ready-to-wear pieces are authenticated via their NFT, with owner’s ability to wear the pieces in real life, dawn them in the Metaverse and gain a myriad of exclusive benefits as NFT holders. 

The collection will be revealed on June 15th, 2022, 6pm ET as a multidimensional exhibition event at Musica’s The Whisper Room with beats by DJ Bobby Ishak; exclusively for LuxlockViper NFT holders. Burnett will present Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced designs for a live interactive experience, while a diverse range of avatar models strut the catwalk in Decentral Games with rapper Lil’ Bitcoin. Sip Kansas Whiskey cocktails,  a new whiskey with a very soft and sweet entry with distinct vanilla, white chocolate, and buttered toast notes.

Artist Stephanie Dillion has hand-painted artwork within the collection in collaboration with Burnett New York to create physical ready-to-wear and metaverse wearable NFTs through their strategic partnership with Mod Wearables, a wearable studio platform powering avatar apparel and accessories across the metaverse. This 17-piece ready-to-wear and metaverse wearable NFTcollection with 77 editions of each look. Each NFT contains a 3D metaverse wearable and gated e-commerce access to shop and place pre-orders. NFTs are priced for new adopters, starting at an equivalent of $17 USD.

Holders will receive gated e-commerce access to shop 5 Limited Edition Styles and place pre-orders for the ready-to-wear collection. Within the collection are two mystery looks that will unlock additional NFT collectibles with opportunities to attend events in real life and the metaverse.

The physical ready-to-wear collection is made from repurposed materials, upcycled denim, remanufactured flannel, and deadstock fabrics in an effort to repair a wasteful consumer fashion supply chain. Citizen-T, is a zero-waste art fusion apparel brand that rescues previously loved and unloved band t-shirts to create experiential media enabled band t-shirts to keep fans connected beyond the concert. Intending to save 1 billion gallons of water while lessening the growing number of t-shirts going to waste in landfills. Artist Stephanie Dillion has hand-painted artwork within the collection in collaboration with Burnett New York to create physical ready-to-wear and metaverse wearable NFTs through their strategic partnership with Mod Wearables. A wearable studio platform powering avatar apparel and accessories across the metaverse. 

"When we think about the impact that fashion can make on the world, we recognize its powerful role in breaking barriers, creating unity, and being a positive platform for change." - Emily Burnett, CEO and Creative Director.

Throughout history, art movements have influenced fashion. As artists and designers embrace non-fungible tokens as a modern medium, Burnett New York and The Citizen T Project are provided with the opportunity to reinterpret technology as a form of fashion.  Luxlock, a Web3 enabled CDXM software solution, is airdropping 500 VIPER NFTs as scannable exhibition tickets with Forever VIP status and exclusive gated e-commerce experiences with enabled brands. 

We work closely with our partners and Manhattans cutting-edge VIP Concierge ABCVIP to select and coordinate hospitality, entertainment, and ensure our guests feel special from the moment they RSVP.

Burnett New York is expanding its digital design offerings to enrich the brand experience with emerging metaverse technologies and uncover the possibilities that the fashion industry has to reduce consumption while both improving profitability and evangelizing personal style as a symbol of independence.

The project aims to bring together fashion executives, web3 innovators, and consumers to bridge the fashion and the crypto communities. Committed to future-proofing fashion, Luxlock introduces transformative utility applications to operationalize Web3 commerce and drive adoption of non-crypto-native luxury consumers. Ledgr provided a custom wallet on-boarding for Coinbase and MetaMask while providing live white-glove support.

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To shop the collection, visit and get a sneak-peek from the designers at @burnettnewyork  @citizen-t  @stephaniedillion on Instagram, or join @modwearables and @luxlock on Twitter.

Join Burnett’s Private Discord channel server to stay up to date on drops and drips:

Media Contact: Evie Phillips,

Event Details:

About Burnett New York

Burnett is a digitally native ready-to-wear women’s brand known for its signature feminine sensibility and evangelizing ambitious women. Leading with a technology-first commitment to consumers to elevate the brand experience and unlock creative engagement to fuel profitability. 

About Citizen-T

Citizen-T is a slow fashion art fusion fashion brand rescuing previously loved and unloved t-shirts. Founded by Stephanie Dillion, championed by artists and donned by ethical citizens hell-bent on changing the world. Bringing art, charity, fashion, celebrity, and humanity together for better commerce. 

About Luxlock

Retail Experience Platform humanizing luxury commerce experiences across sales channels by turning consumer touch-points into hyper-personalized points of sale. 

 About Mod Wearables

Empowering ordinary people to create extraordinary identities. Metaverse wearable software suite to create and MODify wearables with proprietary Ai avatar auto-fit technology. 

About Musica

New Italian nightclub brings New York City the ultimate music experiences from Italy’s nightlife capital Riccione. Boasting premium hospitality and service you expect from a Giuseppe Cipriani venture paired with unique immersive and top-tier entertainment known of Tito Pinon, Club Musica, the beat is here. 

About Kansas Whiskey

An uncommonly smooth and uniquely balanced clean distilled whiskey gently lingers with subtle notes of vanilla, creme brûlée and toasted nuts.

About Ledgr

Providing white-glove wallet setup services before and during the event. A bespoke blockchain research and consulting services helping enterprises make game-changing, paradigm-shifting, and opportunity-making blockchain decisions.


Manhattan's cutting-edge hospitality agency providing concierge and experiential event planning services. Experiential packages, corporate events, and unlimited concierge services. Serving the MLB, Marriott, and more.

About Creeds Collective

Premium full-service web3 strategy agency focused on luxury productization, go-to-market and community development.


Burnett New York welcomed 200-plus people to “MetaBurnett at Musica NYC” and 300 more in the Metagami Mall in Decentraland Metaverse on June 15. The fashion and crypto crowd were the first to see the ready-to-wear and NFT metaverse wearable collections, which launched Thursday. Creative director and chief executive officer Emily Burnett is forecasting a sellout. It was important to bring those two communities together for an in-person event “to experience the power of experiential Web3 luxury commerce for multidimensional sales opportunities,” she explained Thursday.

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